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Our companu is curently expand
production line in to the new factory
on  2000 square meters.

NeoMedica on Arab Health, Dubai
neomedica on Arab Health 2014

We are exibitors on worlds wamous medical fairs:
Dusseldorf, Medica
medica messe
 Athens, Euro Medlab
Mocsow , Zdravohranenje
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Urine station pics 
NEW Fully Automated Urine Station



5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

5 part Diff Hematology analyzer
3 part Diff Hematology analyzer
NEW 3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

 NCC-3300 touch screen 607x640

3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

hematology reagents neomedica

 Fully automted biochemistry analyzer
neochem100 800x600

Control blood
NeoMedica brand
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New Factory


new factory

Due to expanding of our manufacturing area, as well as installation of new equipment, we will experience minor disruptions in upcoming months. Our Hematology manufacturing line will remain operation by schedule after 12.06.2012.

Please place any urgent orders as soon as today. We will do our best to provide best response time as usual.  


As you already know, our sales is rapidly increasing. Despite instability and alarming stories of Euro zone, we maintain healthy business condition and continue with investments.

Our production capacity is at this moment hardly meeting sales demands. Therefore we made an investment to expand it by means of new equipment, and new factory.

Meantime, we took care of making stock of most demanding products, as well as caring out movement itself during quite period of year. However, in following months some deliveries might take longer time than normal.

After this process is complete, we will gain more than 1700 square meters of manufacturing area, new R&D lab and improved infrastructure for handling your shipments. We will together be in stronger position, with more products offered very soon, and improved response time to market demands.

We thank you for all efforts you made until this moment to promote NeoMedica and push our products to your market. Hoping that you are among one of many distributors who experienced profit increase by selling our products, you are aware prompt delivery is important factor to gain sales and annual turnover. Your patience and early forecast of your needs over next months will be great help to provide you and rest of our distributors greater competitiveness in near future.