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NEW Fully Automated Urine Station



5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

5 part Diff Hematology analyzer
3 part Diff Hematology analyzer
NEW 3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

 NCC-3300 touch screen 607x640

3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

hematology reagents neomedica

 Fully automted biochemistry analyzer
neochem100 800x600

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NeoMedica Fully Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer NUA-1000




NUA-1000 slika



Fully automated measurement process based on traditional microscopic method. Auto Urine Sediment Analyzer applies to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the urine sediment, getting and recognizing the quantitative sample images to obtain the results of red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelium, casts, crystal, squamous cells, atypical squamous cells, germ, microzyme, viscose silk, semen etc

Auto Urine Sediment Analyzer uses the digital HQ imaging automatic recognition technique as an integrated facility that combines all proved methods compacted in electricity, optics, identification software and mechanism. The Analyzer is an in vitro diagnostic medical device, mainly used in clinical counting and analysis of Urine Sediment. NUA-1000 can recognize the urine visible components through the images and get the test results, which provide the necessary reference to clinical diagnosis.

 NUA-1000 does not using any special or additional cuvettes.

Fully automatic sediment urine analyzer NUA-1000 is a stand-alone desktop instrument. Improving efficiency and simplifying urine testing, it also increase safety of handling infectious material.

Bridged together, NUA-1000 and NUA-1500 make complete automatic Urine station 1000+1500.



70- 100 samples per hour in stand alone mode


In bridge mode with NUA-1500, troughput will be over 100 samples/hour for
Automatic Urine Station with conditional bridging enabled, and Intelligent test
mode selected


Evaluated parameters

Red Blood Cell, Red Blood Cell, Squamous Cell, Non-squamous Epithelial Cells, Cast,

Hyaline Cast, Calcium Oxalate Crystal, Bacteria, Yeast, Uric acid Crystal, Mucus, Sperm,

Uncategorized Cast, Waxy Cast, Cell Cast, Mycete, Calcium Oxalate Crystal, Calcium Carbonate Crystal,

Unclassified Crystal, White Blood Cell Cluster, Wizened Red Blood Cell, Tumid Red Blood Cell, 

Impurity, Unclassified Particle

Measuring principle Auto microscopic measurement with flat flow cell
Particle Classification Automatic partical identification tehchnology of Computer Vision software
Images 5 mode: 16,32,64,96,128 Coutinue taking the images
Counting cell triple channel, thickness of inner chamber: 0.2 mm
Sample native urine samples or urine sediment samples
Batch size

10racks with 100samples

(no online mode)

5racks with 50samples

(online mode)

Detachable unit

Autoloader Yes. Continuous test mode
Microscope Olympus lens 10x, 40x, Double CCD Camera
Printer external printer (Included)
Interface USB, RS232, LPT, LAN, PS/2, Internal Bar code reader
Operating system Windows. External (Included) Display> 22-inch LCD with DVI-D video mode
Memory Up to 50.000 stored results
Min. sample volume 2.5 mL
Reagents Detergents
Sensor Bottle sensor

STAT sample, internal barcode reader, connection to NUA-1500, 

LIS transfer, sample level detection


 L-J QC diagram, mean, SD and CV


Yes. Emergency position

Bridge mode

Yes. with NUA-1500



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