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Our companu is curently expand
production line in to the new factory
on  2000 square meters.

NeoMedica on Arab Health, Dubai
neomedica on Arab Health 2014

We are exibitors on worlds wamous medical fairs:
Dusseldorf, Medica
medica messe
 Athens, Euro Medlab
Mocsow , Zdravohranenje
Dubai, Arab Health - Medlab
Singapore, Medlab Asia Pacific
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Urine station pics 
NEW Fully Automated Urine Station



5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

5 part Diff Hematology analyzer
3 part Diff Hematology analyzer
NEW 3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

 NCC-3300 touch screen 607x640

3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

hematology reagents neomedica

 Fully automted biochemistry analyzer
neochem100 800x600

Control blood
NeoMedica brand
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NeoMedica Urine Analyzer NUA - 500




Strong, fast and accurate urine analyzer.Ideal for extensive sample laboratory (Automatic continuous test 420 samples/ hour)

Troughput 420 samples / hour
Measuring principle dual-wavelength Reflectance photometry
Wavelength 550nm, 620nm, 720nm
Light source LED
Sample supply method Automatization for ready-to-test
Display Backlight LCD
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Memory Up to 5000 stored results
Data output serial interface (RS232), parallel interface (25-pin), and PS/2 Port
Reagent strips NEOCHECK G series
Number of paramaters 10 &11
Other functions

Automated strip loader

Detector for automatically detecting strip placed on the strip loader

Barcode reader and external printer optional



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