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Our companu is curently expand
production line in to the new factory
on  2000 square meters.

NeoMedica on Arab Health, Dubai
neomedica on Arab Health 2014

We are exibitors on worlds wamous medical fairs:
Dusseldorf, Medica
medica messe
 Athens, Euro Medlab
Mocsow , Zdravohranenje
Dubai, Arab Health - Medlab
Singapore, Medlab Asia Pacific
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Urine station pics 
NEW Fully Automated Urine Station



5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

5 part Diff Hematology analyzer
3 part Diff Hematology analyzer
NEW 3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

 NCC-3300 touch screen 607x640

3 part Diff Hematology analyzer

hematology reagents neomedica

 Fully automted biochemistry analyzer
neochem100 800x600

Control blood
NeoMedica brand
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NeoMedica Phoenix NCC-Vet 60



PHOENIX NCC-Vet 60catalogue symbol

 5 part diff. hematology analyzer


 5diff Vet analyzer 60 t/h



Reliable and Efficient:

PHOENIX Vet 60 is 5-diff hematology
analyzer which provides maximal accuracy
in analyzing animal blood.

Compact, Economical and Perfect of Use for labs.
Supports both whole blood and capillary
blood samples in open vial.

User-friendly Software:

By simple and well-organized software the user
can simple review and have control on complete
patients records and results of analysis.
Windows platform and remote systems
Optional remote assistance through Internet


Phoenix NCC-60Vet uses helium-neon laser
for the flow cytometry system.
scatters user gain complete analysis of
By calculating of different angles via laser
cell size, granularity and complexity.

 Animal species:

13 animal types including Dog, Horse, Cat, Monkey,
Cow, Pig, Buffalo, Rabbit, Camel, Rats, Mice, Sheep,

Goat, and 3 types defined by user